Chloe + Isabel Long Pendant Necklace

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Blackmon Adoption Auction


Donated by Taren Burt with Chloe + Isabel
Semi-precious Aventurine is framed in gold and suspended between sculpted reeds stationed along fine chain. Layer this nature-inspired pendant or let it stand out solo.
worn 12k gold-plated
30″ length
lobster clasp with 2″ extender and c+i bird logo tag
semi-precious Aventurine
Retails: $68.00
Starting Bid: $48.00

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Papillon Nocturne


Spread your wings in our brand-new Limited Edition capsule, Papillon Nocturne: a modern, romantic collection featuring abstract butterflies + geometric florals in an elegant mix of on-trend colors. Plus, we’re also granting you early access to shop three arm soirée essentials from our upcoming Botanica collection, launching August 19th!

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Interior Design Is Stressful!

I FINALLY found some curtains that I like for my bedroom at Target. For a while now I had them on the window with a tension rod. Said rod had already given out once and gave me a heart attack by flinging across the room. Not. Cool.

So I got it in my head that I needed to put up a proper curtain rod before I was speared by a flying tension rod in my sleep.

I’ve been checking around stores to try and find a rod that I loved and I felt like was worth $30. I had no luck. All of the ones at Target, Big Lots, Home Depot and what have you just looked… “Meh.”

So what’s a girl to do? Consult the all knowing Pinterest, of course!

So many great craft ideas! Some that seemed pretty easy, looked nice and were very budget friendly.

I woke up this morning on a mission! I would craft the best curtain rods. Ever!!

But… It wouldn’t hurt to check Home Goods and Tuesday Morning first, right?

Well, much to my delight Tuesday Morning had not only an acceptable rod but it was only $14.99! I figured by the time I bought all the pieces to make my own it would cost about that much. So obviously I dodged what would have probably been a crafting fail and went with the $14.99 deal.

Lack of creativity 1 – Taren 0.

The installation of the curtains did not go as smoothly as I hoped. It’s kinda ghetto. I got the left bracket on and went to do the right and hit a stud! So lefty is screwed in and righty is nailed.

Wall stud 0 – Taren 1!

Here’s my completed weekend project.


Here’s a close up of the rod and the real color of the curtains.

20140719-184948-67788804.jpg Sale

CRB-478-JulySale-UK-Homepage-25-off I used to print their moo mini cards. I love how unique they are. Moo offers “Printfinity” on most of their products. Printfinity let’s you choose a different design or upload your own image and use a different image on each of your cards. That option allows me to highlight different pieces of jewelry on each card. Moo offers a whole range of products. Check out the sale here: Make your business pop with 25% off our printed products! Until 11:59pm (PST) on July 21.


I’m a winner!

While browsing around on different local blogs I stumbled upon The Foodie Army Wife‘s blog. Her most recent post was a contest to win free advertising space on her blog. I never win anything but I decided to enter any way. My luck is bound to change at some point, right? Well, I won! Not only that but I won the largest ad space. Yippie! I set up a quick ad for her to post on her site.

To thank her for allowing me to advertise I set up a pop-up for her. It’s open for the next 30 days. Here’s my ad and the link will take you to her pop-up.

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I look forward to checking out her other blog posts and trying out some of her delicious sounding recipes!